CARES Additional Funding application

Students who have received their initial CARES Act Funding disbursement
and who have a FAFSA on file can be considered for additional funding.

Click HERE to Apply

CARES Disbursement

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed the House of Representatives, and was then signed into law by the president. The act provides federal government support in the wake of the Coronavirus public health crisis and associated economic fallout. One section of the CARES Act established the Higher Education Emergency Relief fund and is providing the nation’s colleges and universities funding to then provide grants to students. This funding also covers a portion of unbudgeted costs and lost revenue due to the disruption of campus activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Click here for more on CARES Disbursement.

Technology Support coming Fall 2020

Technology Support for Students

Do you need access to a laptop, webcam, and/or wifi to participate in your virtual courses? If so, complete the SDSU Technology Request form and a representative from the SDSU library’s technology checkout services will connect with you about how to checkout the equipment. The library’s technology checkout services serve both the San Diego SDSU and Imperial Valley campus.


Link will be available for the fall semester in the coming weeks. Check back soon.




  • Did something unexpected happen causing you to need food or housing immediately?
  • Are you only eating once a day because you don't have enough money to buy food?
  • Are you struggling to find a safe, stable place to sleep?


We want to help you find the assistance you need!

The Economic Crisis Response Team can help any SDSU student connect with resources, both on and off campus, to help get you through your immediate food, housing, or financial crisis. Students can request assistance from ECRT using the form button below. or by emailing [email protected].

After you submit the form, you will receive an email from ECRT with resources and next steps for assistance. Within 72 hours, an ECRT Coordinator will be in contact with you regarding your specific situation and the information you provide on the assistance form. If possible, please add the coordinator’s emails below to your contact list, or frequently check your spam folder.  


Please click on the button below to request assistance for an immediate food, housing, or other financial crisis.


Request Assistance


We also encourage you to explore the resources included on this site. Please note that we cannot guarantee the timeliness or type of response a student may receive from any outside source being referenced on this site.

The Food Pantry is temporarily suspending distribution and will not be open starting March 19 as we assess needs, coordinate with campus partners and await further COVID-19 guidance. Click the link above for a list of Food Resources to support students at this time.

Apply today for CalFresh

CalFresh is a program that provides monthly food benefits to assist low-income households in purchasing the food they need to maintain adequate nutritional levels. Full-time and part-time students can connect with a representative who can answer questions and walk students through the pre-screening eligibility process. Click above to request a phone appointment with a CalFresh representative.

This General Resources Document is intended to help students. Our resources reflect a diverse community need. ECRT staff are updating this document daily. Click on the link above to view general community resources.



ECRT COVID-19 Emergency Grant

Students who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 may submit an application for financial support.

To apply, students must reach out to the Economic Crisis Response Team via the link HERE (or using the Request Assistance button above). After reaching out, students who are experiencing unforeseen financial crisis due to COVID-19 will be sent an application for the grant. A student can expect to hear if they will receive a grant two weeks after submitting an application.

All students who reach out for support will have their unique circumstance assessed by an ECRT Coordinator. They will then be connected with on-campus and off-campus resources with the goal of supporting student through their crisis situation. Students will also be provided with information on their individual Financial Aid eligibility (including loan options).





Chelsea Payne, MSW ECRT CoordinatorChelsea Payne, MSW

ECRT Coordinator

Chelsea Payne is the ECRT coordinator here to support SDSU students experiencing homelessness, food insecurity and other economic crises
as identified by the student.

Chelsea is a fellow Aztec, having obtained her bachelor's and master's degrees in social work from SDSU. Before coming to work for SDSU, she worked with children and families in an educational setting, spent time as a case manager and worked in research and organizational development. As the ECRT coordinator, Chelsea works with each individual student to understand their unique situation and helps them address whatever challenges they may face with a holistic and resourceful mindset.

Chelsea is committed to serving the students at SDSU by utilizing and building upon the resources that can help our students thrive.

Contact: [email protected]


picture of Keiara AllenKeiara Allen, MSW

ECRT Housing Stability Coordinator

Keiara Allen is ECRT's Housing Stability Coordinator here to assist students experiencing homelessness, housing insecurity, and housing related crisis to regain stability during their time at SDSU. Keiara is also helping students in urgent housing crisis find stability through our new Rapid Re-Housing Program.

As an Alumni of SDSU, Keiara has returned to SDSU to help students navigate housing while managing the stressors of University life. Prior to working for SDSU, Keiara worked for the County of San Diego's Housing and Community Development Department, and prior to that as a Supervisor for the Rapid Re-Housing at a local non-profit. Keiara's role
as the Housing Stability Coordinator is focused on helping students ensure housing so all students thrive.

Keiara can provide you with advice on your housing situation, provide resources and solutions that will guide you to housing self-sufficiency.

Contact: [email protected]


picture of Dustin AdkinsDustin Adkins

ECRT Coordination Assistant 

Dustin Adkins is our ECRT Coordination Assistant. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology at SDSU, Dustin came on board ready to continue expanding access to basic needs on campus.

He focuses mostly on the logistical backend and planning to support the ECRT Coordinators by working with grant funding, connecting students with various resources, overseeing Student Support Advocates, and more. 

Dustin comes with background experience in basic needs work that he gained from various positions within campus organizations and Associated Students. During his time at SDSU, he has led the A.S. Food Pantry, chaired the Aztecs Rock Hunger Leadership Team, and served as the Vice President of Financial Affairs for Associated Students. 

He has a passion for ensuring that basic needs are met for all students, and is excited to continue this work for SDSU.

Contact: [email protected]



The Economic Crisis Response Team, or ECRT, is a group of staff, administrators, students and faculty from across campus working together to ensure students experiencing food or housing insecurity, or other immediate and unforeseen financial crises, are connected with short-term and long-term aid quickly and without stigmatization.

The team was created to coordinate already existing resources on campus and to collect information on off-campus agencies that provide different types of support to college students in need. We also seek out opportunities to provide access to these different types of support through awareness activities and partnering with others already doing outstanding service related to food or housing insecurity.