External Scholarships

Link to information about external scholarships (scholarships that are available to SDSU students but are not administered by SDSU).

Receiving your external scholarship

Q: I was awarded a scholarship and the organization wants to know where to send my check: Refer the agency, organization, or donor providing the funds to Sending Scholarship Funds to SDSU for details.

Q: I received a check from my donor. How do I deposit it into my SDSU account?
Bring in or mail your check to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS). Please include your name and your SDSU RedID in the memo area of the check.

  • After OFAS verifies you are enrolled and eligible to receive the funds, we will ask Student Account Services to release the funds.
  • Student Account Services will use the funds to pay outstanding tuition and fees and on-campus housing charges and release the balance to you (called a "refund") by direct deposit.
  • Student Account Services will send you an email when they release your funds to pay university charges or directly deposit funds to your bank account.
  • Note: Direct deposit is the only way to receive financial aid and scholarship funds that are available to you after your awarded funds have paid your university charges of tuition, fees, nonresident tuition and on-campus housing. Sign up for direct deposit online at Student Account Services.

Thank you!

We appreciate all scholarship aid that is geneously provided to further the success of SDSU students. We thank you and invite you to find information about sending scholarship funds to SDSU


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