Other Non-traditional Enrollment Programs

Many of these courses are conducted off campus or online. Students register for these programs through SDSU World Campus (formerly: College of Extended Studies). Students enrolled through the SDSU World Campus are not eligible to receive a State University Grant.)

Applying and eligibility for financial aid

To apply for aid, you must complete the federal application and also submit the Special Enrollment Agreement form.

The amount and type of aid for which you are eligible is based on your enrollment, the length of the term, your cost of attendance, and other expenses unique to your program.

A note to veterans

Fee waiver or veteran benefit fee payment programs may be affected if you are enrolled through the College of Extended Studies. The SDSU Veterans Center has information about the Cal-Vet Fee Waiver Program and other veteran educational benefits. Also check with the SDSU College of Extended Studies Registrar's Office or the state or federal agency paying the benefit. For more information, see Financial Aid for Veterans.